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Renee (Lady Falcon), Kate and Jen were proud to represent the Jason's FanZone at the HPGoF NYC Premiere on November 12, 2005

Armed with the traditional FanZone's Blue Balloons, they were bright and early at the barricade in front of the Ziegfeld Theatre.

Renee's Story

At 3:44pm Jason arrived. This is the first pic I got of him getting out of the limo. Sorry, but it's only the side and back of his head.


Jason exited the limo, turned and walked right over to the blue balloons, smiling. "Ah, my blue balloons. How nice."

He had such a friendly smile on his face.

Unfortunately, with the wind shifting, they were actually blowing over a different bunch of girls about 5 feet from us who were big Rickman fans.

 I shouted that they're ours and we were from the FanZone. He turned, smiled directly at me and said, "I saw them right away. They're quite lovely." Then he came right over to us. :thud His phone kept ringing so I quickly took this pic.

Girls were thrusting things in his hands to sign. The instant his hands were free I gave him the picture from the London Premiere and told him who was on it and where it was from.

Then I gave him a keychain I'd made with the latest Lucius pic on one side and the Slytherin logo with the words Jason's FanZone on the other.

He tucked the envelope with the picture in his back pocket and looked at the keychain. "Brilliant. I don't have one of these." And flashed me another of those priceless smiles. :faint

I'd lost Kate somewhere earlier, but suddenly she was right behind me.

She'd been holding the pictures I'd brought, so I quickly asked him for his autograph.

Then I asked him for a hug. (I still can't believe I did that. :eek )

 He smiled and said he couldn't. That he would get into trouble. Then he leaned in and hugged me and kissed my cheek.


After he left us and went down the line a bit more, I just kept leaning over the barricade snapping pictures.

That's how I got the one of him and Fiennes. Pure luck.


I would just like to thank you for being a true gentleman.

You are an exceptional actor, but more importantly to me and the rest of the ladies at the FanZone, you are a wonderful person.

You are always gracious with your fans and make time for us.

Thank you for giving me a day I will always remember and cherish close to my heart.

With love and respect,

Renee aka Lady Falcon

Now about the others......

Katie Leung was the first one to come straight to the crowds. She's a very lovely young lady and very friendly.

Rupert Grint went to do his interviews and photos first. I thought we would go deaf from the shouts of "Rupert" that echoed thru 54th Street.

 Finally, he came back and started right by us. Man, is that hair red!

He was very friendly and signed every paper that was thrust at him.

The Phelps twins also came right over to the crowds. They were actually waving from inside their limos.

I got a pic of one of them. I have no clue which one.

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