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Iím doing a spit and a cough in Harry Potter in February For the Potter fans youíll remember that Lucius is only on 2 pages of the book so, proportionately, Iím barely in the film but I wasnít going to miss the chance to wear my Pamela Anderson wig again. If only to make sure that I can remember the voice for number five. ........Jason





 New photo of Lucius from the HP GoF Print Studio. Thanks to Hexxkitten at the Jason's FanZone.

Another one scanned and sent in by Tyleete from the daily calendar






 A&E "Inside HP GoF" one hour special. Screencaps of Lucius HERE



 NYC Premiere on Nov 12th. Check out MEDIA Gallery and a Fan Encounter.

 Jason's credits on the Production Notes




HBO First Look, includes 2 seconds of our Lucius. Screenshots are HERE



London Premiere. Screenshots from Live Webcast HERE
7/3/2005 From MTV News, MTV was able to catch up to Jason Isaacs and get him to speak a few words on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and what he does to prepare himself for the flowing - blonde - hair role of Lucius Malfoy. It turns out that Isaacs takes his role as Lucius Malfoy very seriously, and does what he can to keep the Potter fans hating him. Check out a snippet from the Isaacs discussion below:

To remain in character, the actor has even gone so far as to avoid answering his fan letters. "I'm carefully cultivating an entire generation of people who despise me, because when you're in 'Harry Potter' films you get a lot of fan mail ... I haven't answered any of it, so they will hate me even more than they did to start with. They probably spent their pocket money sending me a stamped, addressed envelope." The British actor recently insisted that while he's enjoyed developing the character, the real payoff will come in the next few films. "Number four is finished. I'm not signed up for number five; I haven't got a script for [it] yet, but I understand I have some things to do in the book and, if they ask me, then I would be hoping to be in it."




 Few screencaps from the trailer HERE