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DVD will be released in February, both SD and Bluray.

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Nominated for 5 GOYA Awards: Supporting Actress, Cinematography, Art Direction, Costumes and Hair and Make-up.





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The trailer is available above. Also the movie has been selected to be in the Venice Film Festival (Aug 27-Sept 7)

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Poster and Trailer/Making of video shown today in Spain.

Article was google-translated from Spanish...Not perfect, to say the least. :)





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 Video interview of Antonio del Real, the Director from MadridTV


LCP, a member of Jason's FanZone translated this interview for us.

Los Actores (The Actors)

Picking actors like Jason Isaacs (Very Happy) and Julia Ormond, I thought it was going to be an extremely hard task, but it wasn't because they've read a script that they liked and all actors, like Jason (Very Happy) said, are open to find important scripts, and in this case, they thought this one was magnificent and that's why they are here. Jordi Mollá and others great spanish actors are in this movie too (He said names...but I couldn't figure out the names..he speaks fast!). We have an excellent cast. There were comments that there hasn't been any spanish movie with such an important and international cast like the one we have in here.

La Anécdota (The Anecdote)

A long time ago, when Gregory Peck came for the premiere of "Gringo Viejo" and the premiere of my movie "El Rio que nos Lleva", he told his wife how much Madrid has changed and his son Anthony Peck was very excited to know that his father filmed here in the 1950s with Sophia Loren, filmed here in Escorial. And it's very's just I'm a little tired, I live so many emotions everyday amends all the pain that I went through in order to make this movie. (That last sentence...I know it doesn't make much if anyone knows how to correct it, please do.)
For example, Anthony Peck came from L.A, very tired. He gave me a big hug and gave me a tie that belonged to his father. A friend of mine was taking photographs of Gregory Peck's tie.

El Monasterio (The Monastery)

In Escorial, I talked to Father Prior from Escorial. We heard tales about Phillip II's ghost that still wanders around here in the city. Also talked bout how Escorial was built by Juan de Herrera, an architect, because this area had some sort of special energy and that's why it was built here...(sorry but he talks extremely fast and I can't understand literally but he talks about the city itself and the monastery..) We are lucky to be filming in places where a movie has never been filmed. 3 movies have been filmed in the monastery, but not in all the places where we filmed. I feel very proud, even though making this movie has been really hard

El Rey (The King)

What I would like to highlight is the personality of King Phillip II, he was the first king to establish the state with written laws. I think that's very fascinating. I think he was a very great king, and it was evident. Under Phillip's reign, Spain was a world power. Very prolific and powerful. It dominated almost the whole world.


I love Madrid as much as Woody Allen loves Manhattan. But Escorial has been the biggest inspiration for this movie. It's not like Madrid , very modern, but it reflects old Madrid. It shows how important Madrid was back in the 16th century.





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Jason to star with Julia Ormond in 'Escorial' article

 Antonio Pérez was the brilliant and able favorite of Philip II, who in 1571 succeeded his patron, Ruy Gómez, Prince of Eboli, in acquiring his master's fullest confidence and becoming the most powerful subject in Spain. In 1573, the Venitian envoy Badoero describes him as a most accomplished man, whose courtesy and attractive manners soothed the sensibilities of those provoked by the delays and penuriousness of the king, while his dexterity and ability promised soon to make him the principal minister. At the same time, he was a man of pleasure and the magnificence of his daily life was the admiration of his countrymen. He found his fate in the widow of his patron, the Princess of Eboli. Sprung from the noble house of Mendoza, she was proud, vindictive and passionate, unflinching in the gratification of her desires and reckless as to the means. Whether Philip II had been her lover, and if so whether he was favored or rejected, is a disputed question, which we need not discuss; it suffices that Pérez, who had a devoted wife in Juana Coello, became enamoured of her mature charms and a slave to her imperious will........from