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 Episode 201:


Written by Blake Masters

Directed by Phillip Noyce

Tommy (Jason Clarke) outmaneuvers U.S. attorney Ellis Franklin (David Catanzaro) as he and Eileen (Annabeth Gish) struggle to keep up the appearance of a happy marriage. Michael (Jason Isaacs), who has no memory of his attacker at the wedding, tries to reestablish his territory with Freddie (Kevin Chapman) and asks Declan (Ethan Embry) to investigate the source of his head injury. Declan spirals out of control as he finds himself shut out at work and at home.

Tommy's daughter Lila attacks a classmate; Eileen gets chummy with her late lover's girlfriend.

Music during credits: "Draw Us Lines" by The Constantines.

 Episode 202:



Down in the Flood 3:5-6
Written by Henry Bromell

Directed by Brian Kirk

As Tommy begins his re-election campaign, he turns to his sister, Mary-Kate (Kerry O'Malley), rather than Eileen for support. Colin Carr (Brían F. O'Byrne), Tommy and Michael's estranged Irish cousin, returns to Providence - an event Rose (Fionnula Flanagan) views with deep distrust. Michael and Moe (Billy Smith) team up for a truck heist while Declan and Cassie (Georgia Lyman) have dinner with Cassie's parents.



 Episode 203:



The Lonesome Death of...4:7-8

Written by Blake Masters

Directed by Nick Gomez

Colin helps Michael and Eileen cope with the unexpected death of a friend while Freddie tries to avoid a war with the Italians. Franklin sees opportunity in Declan's path of self-destruction. As tension builds at home with Eileen, Tommy helps smooth things over with the Speaker of the House's mistress.



 Episode 204:


Not Dark Yet 3:5-6

Written by Henry Bromell

Directed by Henry Bromell

Rose sows unrest between her sons which leads Michael to throw a wrench into Tommy's big real estate deal. Freddie asks Declan to use his police badge to negotiate with the competition. Eileen and Kath Perry find some common ground as they try to cover up Mary Rose's delinquent behavior.

Tommy takes an interest in an alluring woman, Dana Chase (Janel Moloney) he meets in a bar



 Episode 205:



Dear Landlord 1:3-4


Tommy's trusted support system goes AWOL when he becomes plagued by personal and professional problems; Colin searches for his father; Michael contemplates a change in his lifestyle; Freddie leans on Declan to learn the whereabouts of a missing business associate.




Episode 206:


11/4/2007 True Love Tends to Forget 1:1-4

Michael makes a move to grab more power while he and Kath await an addition to the family; Tommy attempts to clean up a bad section of the Hill; Eileen bonds with the wives of some local politicians; Rose tries to deal with getting older.


 Episode 207:



Only a Pawn ... 1:7-8

It's election day on the Hill, and when early exit polls show Tommy running behind he pulls out all stops and engages in some down-and-dirty politics. Also, Michael “escorts” a hitman on a job as a favor to an Italian mobster, and Colin takes Kath to an abortion clinic.



 Episode 208:


11/18/2007 Shelter From the Storm 1:1-2

Declan goes to the FBI and is rewarded with a surprising new assignment; Eileen volunteers at social services and gets quite a shock; Tommy is pressured to replace Judd as chairman of an important committee; Colin displays an entrepreneurial spirit that leads him and Michael to a partnership with Nozzoli.



 Episode 209:


11/25/2007 Call Letter Blues 1:2.6

Freddie Cork and Marty Trio parlay some important information into a holiday furlough from prison; a fed-up Rose abandons the family on Thanksgiving morning, forcing the younger Caffees to fend for themselves.

Music: Cat Power's cover of the Rolling Stones "Satisfaction"

 Episode 210:


12/2/2007 Things Have Changed 1:7-8

In the second-season finale, Freddie makes Nozzoli a killer offer involving Michael, Tommy makes a run for the Speaker's chair and Eileen confronts Tommy about his affair with Dana (Janel Moloney). Colin and Rose bond after someone close to them passes away; U.S. Attorney Franklin looks into Freddie's holiday furlough.



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