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 Episode 301:



Uneasy Lies the Head

Season 3 begins with Tommy experiencing mounting frustration with his diminished role as Speaker Donatello's factotum and considering a career change. Meanwhile, Michael learns that Freddie Cork is getting out of prison, which has a serious impact on his relationship with Attorney General Franklin. And with her birthday approaching, Rose tries to cover up her deteriorating health.

Music: "A Very Little Bit of Feeling Good" by Will Bromell

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 Episode 302:



Things Badly Begun

Tommy hopes to use his newfound leverage to gain the mayor's support for a waterfront-development project, while Michael's involvement with the Nozzoli crime crew could cause problems for Tommy. Meanwhile, Attorney General Franklin disappears, just as Declan commences his state-house corruption investigation; Eileen's pregnancy keeps her fom a promotion at work; and Rose seeks answers about her mysterious illness.

Music: Maybe by The Ink Spots


 Episode 303:



Let Rome in Tiber Melt

Tommy deals with the aftermath of a fire that claimed a fireman and some Latino squatters;

Declan picks up a promising new lead into his probe of state-house corruption and brings in a second investigator;

Moe's violent temper lands him in hot water, and Freddie is his only way out of the mess;

Colin's infatuation with Kath, Michael's girlfriend, impacts his work.

Music: Will the circle be unbroken by The Staples Singers


 Episode 304:



The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

Despite Tommy's plan to enter a new profession, Eileen fears that he won't be able to get politics out of his system; hoping to heal the rift in their rocky marriage,

Declan and Cassie go on a romantic weekend getaway that doesn't turn out as planned;

Michael becomes increasingly paranoid after a troubling incident at a Nozzolli barbecue, and he also becomes concerned when he's unable to find Kath and Colin.



 Episode 305:



Give me the Ocular Proof

Declan moves to build a solid case against some corrupt local politicians, which triggers panic at the statehouse, so Tommy attempts to subtly pump him for dirt on the investigation;

 Rose gets a diagnosis on her health problems and shares it with Eileen; tensions increase between Michael and Colin as they plan a heist with Freddie.

Music: "Weekend in LA" and  "East Side Beat." by "The Toasters" (The pet store scene)



 Episode 306:



The Chimes at Midnight

Eileen worries that her family will never leave The Hill when Speaker Donatello draws Tommy back in to help pass the budget. Declan gets new information about Tommy’s involvement in the Waterfront Project and breaks some rules to find a link between Tommy and Nozzoli. Rose’s attachment to Colin fuels Michael’s anger and paranoia as he refuses to help Nozzoli get in on Tommy’s Waterfront contracts.


 Episode 307:



All the Interim Is Like a Phantasma

Colin and Kath fear Michael's reaction if he were to uncover the truth about their relationship; Eileen's problematic pregnancy confines her to bed and it's making her stir-crazy; with investigative waves being made over the waterfront project, Tommy goes to Michael for help.



 Episode 308:



Birnam Wood Comes To Dunsinane

Tommy becomes heir apparent for Speaker when Donatello's condition worsens; Freddie maneuvers to get on Tommy's good side; with the mob, the state police, and feds after him, Michael's obsession with Colin puts everyone in jeopardy.



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