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I got in last night at like 10 or so, bone tired, sun burnt but the happiest girl in the world!! :y:y:yI had to have sleep before I could think straight to post anything!

Hello Ladies!

And a beautiful day it is! And was yesterday!! And I just have to start out by saying that I have never, never been more proud to be a fan of the most loveliest man in the world, Mr. Jason Isaacs! Every encounter you have read on his sincere kindness and love for his fans is SO TRUE! I so witnessed every wonderful attribute this man is all about yesterday and it shall be just ages before I come down off this cloud I am on! :f:f:f:f:f:f

My friend Caroline and I arrived at the resort about 8 and were preparing to board the shuttle bus and I buzzed Claire and realized we were there in the same parking lot but at different locations! :lolSo we then met up with her, Char, Hilary, Marie, Martyne and hubby, Kate, the lovely newbie, Penny and Janet and (forgive me if I am leaving someone out!) at the shuttle bus and it was introductions and hugs all around! We then boarded the bus and set out to find our man!

The first event was the long drive competition to start the day. We all kind of spread out around the green and waited for our fella to show. My friend Caroline coaxed me into waiting at an area that she felt all the celebrities would arrive at...and she was WRONG! LOL But I forgive her as she took (for her best buddie), 4 rolls of film of Mr. Isaacs so I can't be too upset!:hug

But ANY WAY..I noticed that the group of fans that we had left were clicking away on their cameras and ran over to see Jason arriving all decked out and lovely as ever and getting ready to play! He did his stretches and toe touches and generally goofed off with the other players. SIGH...he was gorgeous! Pictures DO NOT do the man justice!...was my first thought! And the PROFILE on that man is enough to cause a traffic jam! :thud:thud:thud

Ok...where was I??? :love

I moved around snapping pictures here and there as it was his turned to go. He was in such a funny and joking mood and making jokes the whole time. And every time he would take a hit at the ball and watch where it was going, he would utter out of complete jest.."Oh F---! I thought it was adorable! And as you have always heard, he was so self-depreciating about his game all day. Taking shots at himself and his game. He was a joy to watch!

After the long drive was over, it was my best shot at him all day and I am glad it was a good one as I would of hated to have missed out and I certainly did not want to bother him all day. So after my encounter, I just sat back and watched and admired and swooned and fell even more in love with this lovely man, Jason Isaacs!

I was on my digital camera and Caroline had her bad-ass 35mm with zoom lense! I PICK THE PICS UP AT LUNCH TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thud:thud:thud:thud

OH encounter..........:thud :love:bow

After the long drive, he came over to see all of us, the sweetheart! He was chatting and chatting with everyone and I did not hear every little word but I DO remember clearly what was said when he got to me! :thudHe came up and looked at me with the sweetest smile on his face and I smiled back.  He then put out his hand and I took it and did finally manage to utter “hi”, in a thunderstruck kind of way…lol  He then did not say a word but leaned in,  with that smile, to give me a kiss on my right cheek!  Ok, at this point I was speechless but remember putting my arms around him for a nice close hug which he returned….Awwww!  And as we parted, I gave him a kiss on his cheek to return the gesture.  He then asked me my name and I told him and from what sites. I did not think I was going to be able to utter a sound but as Kay has said, he really puts you at complete ease and he was so sweet and gracious....***excuse me..having a flashback!*** So any nervousness I had just disappeared..:D,  especially after such a warm greeting, the darling!=). 

Now to back up a bit...I had planned to bring something for him to sign and I did take it to Myrtle Beach but really came SO CLOSE to not taking it in as I thought I may not get a chance to get it signed. But my little voice...GOD BLESS MY LITTLE VOICE!... My little voice told me to just take it in case!

So I did. My dear friend Elly, months ago, had drawn me the most divine picture of Mickey! :hugI have the original hanging on my wall at home but I printed out a very nice hi res copy as that was what I wanted him to sign if I got the chance. Well, for obvious and in a way, my friend could be there in more than just spirit :hug

SO! I said, "Jason, would you mind signing something for me?" (yes, I completed the whole sentence quite effortlessly! lol) He right away replied "Absolutely, of course I will" (Awwww! so sweet he was!) I pulled out my pic and when he saw it, he said "Oh my, what is this?" and I explained the significance and who had drawn it he replied "This is my son!" We both laughed but he was impressed with it. I gave him a "blue" sharpie and he asked me my name to make sure before he signed it and wrote "Vicky, with love and luck and thanks, Jason Isaacs X"

I then seized the moment and timidly asked "Jason, can I have my picture made with you?"  Again, kind of surprised I even ask in that manner, he then again immediately replied, "Of course, you can!" YES, I WAS IN HEAVEN AND BEYOND BY THIS TIME!

So I slipped under the rope that he was behind and put my arm around his waist and he placed his around my shoulder and my friend Caroline went nuts with her camera as well as a few other of the fans that were there. THANKS CLAIRE AND CHAR!!! :hug:hugI can't wait to see how your versions turn out! :bow:bow:bow:bow

As we began to part, I could not resist and leaned over again to give him another kiss on his cheek, you know, for good measure and all and he just smiled.    I was in major swoon mode and will be for some time to come!  :love:love   I thanked him so much for everything and backed away so everyone else could enjoy their time and just watched him with them all. He truly and sincerely loves his fans! He would have stayed all day if we wanted him to, I believe! :hug

Oh and I did , before I left, reach in my pocket and retrieved the balloon pin that Kay

sent me by way of Claire. And before I could open my mouth he saw it in my hand and asked "What is that?" and I explained and from who and he said. "Oh cool, thank you" And Kay...I did not think I would be able to do that BUT I DID IT!!! :lol:lol:lol

The master of ceremonies began to rib him over the microphone as he said "Hey Jason, you know we have a tournament going on here. Do you mind?" :lolJason had some witting remark back and stood there what seemed like another 5 minutes signing autographs, taking pictures and chatting with the fans before he begged to be excused and trotted off.

I was and am still in complete and unbelievable awe of this man. He is just so kind and patient and caring and considerate of his fans and people in general around him. I just cannot find the proper words to put it all in prospective for you all BUT I WILL IN TIME! I am still collecting my thought on this....the "day after"

I snapped away off and on all day and just enjoyed watching him and listening to his endless jokes and humor. That has got to be one of the most adorable things about him...his sense of humor!

I did not catch him at every hole as it was huge undertaking on that size of a golf course. And then again...I did not want him to look up at every hole and I be there...LOL I am just glad and thankful and honored and totally blown away at finally meeting this wonderful, wonderful man, actor, person and the reason I come here to this site! I am busting at the seams with pride to be part of a fan base for such a lovely person, both inside and out...Mr. Jason Isaacs!

For you, Jason, should you peep in, darlin! Thank you so much for a beautiful and memorable day! You are a total sweetheart in every way and I am go glad and thankful for your kindness! I shall never forget it and I look so forward to the next time. :hug:hug:hug:hug.......:hugs

I KNOW I am leaving SOMETHING out! :lolSo look for more posts! :eek

Oh and two little tidbits that were special during the day...

Caroline and I stopped for a hot dog and shared a table with an adorable man and his son. We got to talking with them and the father was telling us about a chat he had with Jason.

He says that he asked Jason why he burned that church down. And Jason replied in jest "because they were naughty people and they deserved to die" Too funny! :rollin

Another time during the day, Jason looked over to see me with my camera poised...yet again! :f... And he struck a pose and smiled at me and as I took the picture and quite on impulse the words came out of my mouth..."Awwww, you're so sweet!"

What a total sweetheart!  What a honor it is to be a fan of this wonderful man!

 That is my experience as I can recall it.  Sigh…=)   My hope for every fan that has not met him,  is that someday you will!  It will be something you will not soon forget as I know I never will!  

 Thank you Jason Isaacs for a wonderful day and a wonderful and memorable experience, darling!



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