Marie's Anecdotes

Of all Jason's fans present on that fateful day, Marie has had the privilege to meet Jason twice before. She attended the London Premiere of Peter Pan (with Bonnie Kate, who missed this event at the last minute due to some unfortunate circumstances) including the After Party  and the 2005 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Marie also plays golf so she knows the game unlike most of us who were clueless.

She spent the most time around Jason and his team missing only one or two holes.

I have her permission to extract  some of anecdotes she wrote in Jason's message boards, Jason's FanZone and

Thanks!'re a Gem.

In Jason's defense - he really was not nervous (or at least I doubt he was!) He was obviously running a tad late on Sunday and was catching up with his practice group on the first tee. He probably had not had a chance to warm up on the driving range. It takes a few holes to get warmed up. He did much better in the actual tournament. His group came in 12 under par (it was a scramble) so all the players hit the ball and then they decide which was the best shot and they all hit from that spot. It is a fun format. The wining team came in at 19 under par - but 12 under par was a very respectable score. His group even eagled a hole (2 strokes under par.) Jason had a good game and the group used many of his shots. He even sunk a fairly long putt.

He did not do that well on the Celebrity Long Drive Contest - it was a difficult hole with a lot of hazards. Not many of the celebs hit accurate shots (I'm sure the TV cameras and tons of spectators do not make hitting the ball any easier.) His golf game was pretty good - he did not duff the ball once that I saw (I did miss 2 or 3 holes - although I will say that some shots were much better than others - that's golf!) He is very self depreciating about his game - which is so fitting with his generous nature! On one hole when I said "good shot Jason" - he chuckled and said I know so little about golf!

I did ask him at the Long Drive contest if it would bother him if we watched him tee off on his first hole (hole 6) and he replied "No of course not - I thought you would follow us on the course." He was just so sweet. We were his own spectator gallery!!! He asked us if we needed a drink or wanted some ribs - and as we were walking he asked us if we would like to put some of our stuff in his cart so we would not have to carry it (we took him up on that offer!) He always stopped and signed autographs for anyone who asked him - and he was so kind with the children!! At one point the pro on Jason's team was rolling his eyes because so many people asked Jason for autographs - it looked like the team was never going to make it to the next hole! :)The rest of his team was really very nice as well - so were the two volunteers that walked around each hole with the team.

 Forgot to mention - at the end of the day on the last hole he played I asked Jason for the golf ball he used for most of the day and asked the entire team including Jason of course - and the pro he was playing with to sign the golf ball - it was hard to fit 5 signatures on that little golf ball! :)We picked up an extra program and will auction the ball & program off on Ebay with proceeds going to the GloomyGus Summer Charity Drive done in Jason's name. The charity chosen benefits children!

The creative Hilary will write the Ebay ad (one of the players asked who in the heck would buy a golf ball with signatures and I just chuckled at him and said that he would be surprised at how many people might be interested in such an item!) I've always said that Hilary could sell snow to an Eskimo - she writes fabulous copy!!!! So be on the look out some time in the not so distant future for said golf ball - lovingly handled by our very own favorite actor Jason Isaacs!!

I asked him about Good and unfortunately he said it might be off again for him. It must be hard for an actor to work around so many scheduling conflicts. You think you have a brilliant role and then the financing or filming gets delayed and - poof - it conflicts with something else you are doing.

I also asked him something about Friends with Money but I don't even remember what I asked never mind what he answered. (Early Senility is my only excuse!)

Didn't think to ask anything about Goblet of Fire.

I would think that Jason is looking forward to working on a series where he can have his family with him and see more of them. I hope they enjoy the New England area. I know New Englanders will enjoy Jason!

It was pretty funny though when I was digging my stuff out of Jason's cart (the club house staff was wipping off his clubs and wanted to carry them to his car and move the golf cart) I knew what my things looked like but I also knew others had put stuff in his cart. So I picked up a bag and asked him if it was his and he laughed and said "does it bloody well look like it would be my bag?" Well no actually it didn't - :oturns out it was Claire's but I would have been mortified had I walked off with something that belonged to Jason so I asked!!! Having made smarmy comments for most of the day - I must have been fresh out of them - because I could not think of an appropriate retort.

It's funny but at the end of the day after leaving the golf course I thought of so many questions I would have like to have asked. But I didn't want him to think I was some kind of interviewer - I think it is important for golfers to be able to relax and enjoy the day - I didn't want to be shouting questions at him while someone was trying to hit a shot.

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