Kate's Story


I had the most unbelievable day of my life. The BIGGEST THANK YOU TO JASON - he is the sweetest most caring man on the planet. He refused no one for an autograph, picture, hugs - anything without hesitation. Kind and thoughtful to everyone; some little boys came for his autograph and he asked them if they would cheer for him when he came on screen as Lucius Malfoy now that they had met him, the quiet reply was 'ugh'.

Earlier in the day at the "Celebrity Long Drive", where our day began, this host heard us and wondered who we were after he noticed we were all wearing the same pins with Jason's handsome face. He continued down the line and ended up with me asking where I was from I replying Chicago and that we were from all parts of the country brought together by this wonderful man. He proceeded to lift the rope that separated us from the golfers and celebrities and escorted me onto the mound, I was petrified and did not want to say
the wrong thing, and there was Jason only a few feet away. He wanted to know some of his movies - I must be honest in my state of mind I don't remember which I stated. I only know that I said "As long as Jason was in it it didn't matter". When Jason was through hitting His three shots he started to walk over to us. I was numb with anticipation - he was an angel and the host took my camera so I could have a picture with this Gorgeous Man whom I feel honored to have met. He is someone who makes everyone he comes
in contact with feel important. He then walked over to the ladies and signed autographs answered questions and bantering back and forth a real love of a man.

We were soon to follow him and spend this magical day with him, imagine 6-7 hours and you knew where you could find him, in case you stopped for food or drink, just get right back onto the course. And we walked on the course no sidelines for us. it was like a dream and you never wanted to wake up. JASON IS THE PIED PIPER. You want to follow him anywhere.

After the golf tournament we changed and prepared for the concert. To say the least it was a night to remember - needless to say the music was awesome and went on till the earlier part of Tuesday. We had hoped to meet up with Jason again but the VIPS were kept separated from the rest of us - Char noticed him on the lower level and pointed him out to us - he was gorgeous in black - difficult to see him that close and not be able to talk to him one more time. Martyne and Robert thank you for your thoughtfulness when
we didn't have many stools to sit on you came to my aid. I am grateful to both of you for so much. Char you are a strong and giving young woman and thank you, Marie, I love your spunk girl your incredible. Hilary, what can I say your a genius with style and wit and thank you. Janet you and Ed are such a sweet couple - take care of your cough. Claire and Penny, you are two of the kindest people I could ever have stayed with on this magical trip. Caring about me as if I was an old friend. Thank you. Kate you were dearly missed and I am so happy for your gift of that fabulous phone call from JASON. Hoping to meet you in the near future and thank you. Bless all of you - will post more soon - I guess I have to wake up now! Love and Kisses -


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