Char's Story

This was the second time I had the pleasure of meeting Jason. The first one was at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

For me personally the high light of the Golf day was this particular moment.

Jason was obviously sporting a first degree sunburn from his practice the previous day. We were all concerned the moment we saw him at the celebs long drive contest. Several of us offered him the sunblock at different times then and afterwards and he kept saying he would get some.

Finally at Hole #17, before teeing off, he walked over to where a group of us were sitting and asked for some 'suncream' (Hilary told us that's how Brits call sunblock/sunscreen).

I know ALL of us had a tube in our bags but nobody moved. :huh

I felt the duty of a physician to treat when needs arise :t
so I announced 'I've got some'. Ran to my bag, grabbed the tube. He held out both arms for me.

At this time you could have seen all jaws were on the ground. :eek

I proceeded to squeeze the lotion on both his arms and rubbed it in. I turned to our group who were still in shock and asked 'Is anyone getting this?'. Then I saw Claire and Kate scrambled to get their cameras.

I said to Jason 'Hilary can put some on your neck' (Hil was standing next to me). He laughed (a little embarrassed and taken aback) and proceeded to smear the lotion himself.

"You missed the top of your ears" Hil said.
"THE TOP OF MY EARS??" Jason questioned but followed the instruction.

Jason went on to tee off but then complained loudly that 'This stuff is slippery'
Marie yelled out "Jason any of us would have gladly rubbed it on for you!"

Jason was laughing pretty hard with everyone else - one of the other golfers said something about how no one ever offers to rub sun screen on him! Poor baby!


Jason told me earlier that he had pictures of Lily on his cell phone. During the Sun cream incident he somehow dropped his cell phone on the ground. When he walked back to retrieve it I asked again. He was such a proud daddy and was showing me several pictures of her and her playmate.

Thanks to Claire for capturing these moments for me!

And BIG thanks to Jason for your kindness words cannot begin to describe.

I'm so proud to be one of your many admirers.

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